How to Root Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus! [Exynos]

In this tutorial, I show you how to root Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, this root method ONLY works for international Exynos models. Bootloader is locked on U.S. models, sell it and get an international model if you want root.


Once you root, you will NEVER be able to use Samsung Pay. However, Android Pay still can be used fine with Magisk root.

If this is your first time rooting a phone, please watch the video at least 2-3 times and also the written tutorial 2-3 times before trying so you will know exactly what to do and don’t miss a step.

Step 1. Go to Settings->About Phone and make sure your model number is supported, check the TWRP page to see if the model number is supported.

Step 2. Tap on “Software information”.

Then tap on “Build number” about 5 times until it says, “Developer mode has been turned on”.

Step 3. Tap the back button twice and you should see a new menu called “Developer options”, tap on that.

Make sure “OEM unlock” is checked ON!

Step 4. You will need a microSD card for this root method, make sure you have one!

Step 5. You will need FIVE files, download them below:


Unzip the ODIN zip file but leave everything else in original file format.

Step 6. Copy over Magisk and Samsung Anti Root Removal zip files to the microSD card of your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus.

Step 7. Power off your phone then hold down the Volume Down, Bixby, and Power buttons together for about 3 seconds until you see a warning screen like below:

Step 8. Hit Volume Up key to enter Download mode then connect a USB cable from your phone to the computer.

Step 9. Run the ODIN program inside ODIN directory.  You should see a blue-highlighted box with random COM number like below.

If you don’t see it, run the Samsung USB driver file you downloaded earlier.

Step 10. Choose “AP” then choose the TWRP recovery you downloaded for your phone.  Then hit “Start”.

Step 11. As soon as you see “PASS” or see your phone reboot (screen goes off), IMMEDIATELY hold down Volume UP, Bixby, and Power buttons together for about 5 seconds until you enter TWRP recovery.

If you mess up, repeat Steps 10-11 until you get it.

Step 12. Swipe to allow modifications.

Step 13. Choose “Install”.

Step 14. Tap on “Select Storage” and change storage to “Micro SDcard”.

Step 15. Choose the Magisk zip file.

Tap on “Add more Zips”.

Choose the Samsung Anti Root Removal zip file.

Swipe to install.

Step 16. Once done, reboot system.

Do not install the TWRP stuff.

Step 17. Once rebooted, update the Magisk Manager app on the Play Store.

Open Magisk Manager app and you should see “Properly rooted”.  Congratulations!  You have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus!

Step 18. You can verify full root by installing and running any rooted app such as Titanium Backup app.  You should see Superuser Request window like shown below.

Step 19. Want to run apps that check for root such as Android Pay or Pokemon Go?  Go into Magisk Manager app settings and turn on both “Enable Busybox” and “Magisk Hide” as this will hide root from Android Pay, Pokemon Go, and various different apps.




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76 Responses

  1. william says:

    Hi maxx,

    I followed everything you said. I have a s8 model 950F from Australia.

    I get the message ‘verification failed. Each time I press reset it does not reboot..

    • Josborne says:

      Same here with the 955f

    • admin420 says:

      Did you flash Samsung antiroot zip?

      • Josborne says:

        Yeah, followed your guide step per step. Flashed the SAR zip right after the Magisk as you did in your tutorial. But I’m getting some mounting storage errors when trying to flash the zip files

        • Josborne says:

          I found the problem, my data partition was unmountable so I just needed to go in wipe and click on the wipe data button, reboot the phone and then flash the zips 😀 (THIS WILL DELETE YOUR APPS AND THERE DATA)

  2. Josborne says:

    The reboot after successful flash with Odin keys are listed as (Volume down-Bixby-Power) in the text

  3. Jubalum says:

    Loved your video Maxx.

    I want to not make the mistake I made with my S7 Edge and getting SnapDragon processors.
    I looked on your how to root android and the S8 hasn’t been added to the list

    Is there a list of models numbers that this works with?

  4. Mennie says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, you say you will lose Samsung Pay but do i also lose “Secure folders” also?

  5. adham says:

    I’m stuck at verification failed and yes installed the antiroot zip.
    what can i do?

  6. nicholas lee says:

    i think we should turn on “usb debugging”

  7. justin says:

    i have the issue after installing magisk and sam,sung anti root tool it gives red error saying its failed and when i try restarting the phone in step 16 it automatically restarts my phone and i cant uncheck those options. my phone is currently soft bricked. recovery isn’t working

    • justin says:

      i should also mention i have s8+ international model sm-g955f does anyone have stock software so i can flash back to normal on odin at least?

    • Aeon Legend says:

      Your file system may not be in good order. (You will lose all your data trying this method but better than a paper weight Galaxy S8. I am in no way to blame for adverse effects to your phone from trying this method. Try it at your own RISK.) In TWRP go to advanced wipe and select the data partition. Select repair or change file system. Then select change file system. Select EXT4, swipe to change. Then change it to exFAT, swipe to change. Go in again and select EXT 4, swipe to change (You may see some script in red, you can ignore them. Reboot TWRP recovery and attempt to flash Magisk zip file and Samsung Anti Root Removal. You should then be able to check uncheck the options to install the TWRP app. Reboot your Galaxy S8 system. This fixed the verification problem I was having.

  8. danny says:

    Same problem us Justin. Max, help please…

  9. Lynx says:

    Does Sam sung Healt work after this method?

  10. Moshe says:

    Hey max do you know if there is a custom Rom for Sm-G955N

  11. nothinmucchh says:

    it doesnt work all i get after installing magisk and sar is “verification failed” how do i fix it please reply soon i need my daily driver fixed

  12. nobleally says:

    hello max. you there. same problem here. verification failed. is there any possible way to fix this. any help?

  13. Michael says:

    Is this method wikk trip knox?

  14. Russ says:

    Still getting ‘Verification failed’ message. I have tried all methods above and I still get ‘Verification failed’. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

  15. Ken says:

    will this method wipe the data in the phone?

  16. Kotsios says:

    It seems like i cant get the data partition mounted and even after reflashing the stock firmware it persists. I cant get to go through the procedure… Also tried what Aeon Legend said above, and yes i have done everything according to instructions, and even re downloaded all the files twice in case i had a corrupted zip.

  17. Daniel says:

    I have installed TWRP via Odin ( message passed) but when I enter in recovery mode, I still have the stock recovery mode. I tried a few times but still in stock recovery but not in TWRP ,
    Any ideas please?

  18. iwanzana says:

    Can I root my SM-G955FD using this method?

  19. Jay Haych says:

    Do we lose internal storage with this?

  20. Gary Yun says:

    Hi Max, in the step 11, should hold down “Volume Up” together with Power & Bixby instead of “Volume Down” to go Recovery Mode. Hope you don’t mind just little reminder. I have been following you since Note 1. Thanks a lot!

  21. Harry Sharma says:

    Hi Max, I’ve followed all the steps as mentioned aboved but when ODIN shows Pass i did click “Volume Up” together with Power & Bixby butits doesn’t boot to TWRP, instead in hangs on Samsung boot logo.
    Please do reply.

  22. Adrien says:

    after step 11 my phone stay in the samsung galaxy s8+ powered by android screen and odin can’t detect it now ican’t repeat step 10 and 11 my phone look stuck im so dissapointed what should i do pleaaaase

  23. kang says:

    I got verification failed and keep on rebooting…brick it

  24. charlie says:

    my phone froze after step 11 what do i do

  25. 76Rusty says:

    Hello admin, i must say you have hi quality articles here.
    Your blog should go viral. You need initial traffic
    only. How to get it? Search for; Mertiso’s tips go viral

  26. Gary Yun says:

    Hi Max, after seeing so many unfavorable feedback from many followers, I’m really hesitated to root my S8+ SM-G955FD in Singapore. I have been watching similar tutors from many other websites & understanding that the procedures are more or less the same. But one thing is all websites never mentioned: After we setup the phone with Google & Samsung Accounts, there would have “Google Account Lock” & “Factory Reset Protection” Will these two affecting the TWRP rooting process? Or your method should apply before phone setup?

  27. centaur31 says:


    For guys not getting into twrp recovery and finding stock recovery you need to flash twrp again through Odin and remove the tick on reboot in Odin then once flashed use volume up, bigsby and power button to get into twrp recovery.

    For those getting errors in flashing you need to go to advanced and choose format data. It will ask you to type yes before it proceeds, I do that and once done choose reboot recovery in Twrp so that u have access to the now unencrypted data partition.

    Flash Magical, Samsung Anti Root and also no-dm-verity-error latest zip and you are done. I you will lose all data on the internal memory when you choose to format data keep that in mind.

    Hope this helps….. Cheers!

  28. 86Margery says:

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    traffic, you can earn extra bucks every month because you’ve got high quality content.

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  29. Chris says:

    My Galaxy S8+ stucks at the Samsung Logo. How can i repair this?

  30. Johan Naidu says:

    hi heyy i failed rooting my phone when you go to odin a hit start when the screen shows off you long press volume up bixby and power button until in shows the teamwin i i did not long press it i have just press it and when the screen boot up i have released the buttom and its stock on the samsung logo how to fix that it don’t turn off

  31. BASH says:


  32. BASH says:


  33. Irfaan says:

    I followed all the steps to perfection and watched the video a few times before attempting to root my G955F S8+. Now my device is stuck on the boot logo and it doesn’t want to boot up. What now?

    • ilana says:

      omg i have the same problem!!!
      MAX please help to fix this problem
      I followed all the steps to perfection and watched the video a few times before attempting to root my G955F S8+. Now my device is stuck on the boot logo and it doesn’t want to boot up. What now?

  34. Gary Yun says:

    Hi ilana, pls be more polite over internet. Max has been helping out many years since Galaxy Note1 or even earlier. He doesn’t collect any single cent from us even though he may be benefited by some sort of advertising. I understand the heartbreak feeling of bricked your S8+. Try to contact your local source to get the phone alive again. I followed Max since I bricked my Note1 many years back. I did trust Max being honorable!

  35. john says:

    just bricked my phone. did exactly as you said, several times. now i see your written instructions say volume down and your video says volume up. everything fails now and im stuck at samsung logo. thanks pal !

  36. Jub says:

    I am stuck in step 11, can anyone please help? did I brick my phone?

    • Jazz says:

      I ran into the same problem two weeks ago. Your phone is soft bricked.

      You’ll need to get the stock firmware to unroot your phone.

      Goto to “Unroot” tab on this page and follow the instructions on getting your phone back to standard.

      After that is done repeat the root process again.

      Hope this helps.

  37. rafa says:

    I was stuck on the samsung logo not able to enter in TWRP mode, so i found this method and now it worked fine:

    From a youtub comment:

    Hello.. if youre device dont boot into TWRP there are some simple steps to make it work: 1. Go to Google and search for “TWRP download” and download the latest version of TWRP, because the version of this video is OUTDATED! 2. Press Volume Down + Bixby Button + Power Button to get into Downloadmode one more time. 3. Once youre there start Odin3 and do the same steps like in the video, the single difference is the newer version of TWRP. 4. Now you should be fine and all works! If you get an error message like “Failed to mount (system/data/cache/etc)” while installing Magisk and Antiroot Removal (I also recommend to download newer versions from Google) you need to format your hole phone. Just search for it in TWRP. If that doesnt work repeat it several times! If you got problems with the Download Mode follow this steps: 1. Press Volume Down + Bixby Button + Power Button to get into Download Mode. 2. Press Volume !!DOWN!! to restart youre phone. After the screen gets black press as fast as you can again Power Down + Bixby Button + Power Button to get again into Download Mode. 3. Now you should be fine! If you get an Error Message after starting youre device like “Verification failed….” you need to follow these steps: 1. Power Off your device. 2. Press Volume Up + Bixby Button + Power Button to get into TWRP. 3. Format your Data. 4. Now your phone is set back to stock Android. 5. Now youre free to go. There should be no more Error messages in Android or TWRP.

  38. dean says:

    i did exactly like your tutorial but in that time that i must hold volume up and bixby and power i was too late to do it
    now my s8 is just on start screen(Samsung Galaxy s8 Android)
    i cant turn it off or reset or anything
    can you help me please?

  39. Mike says:

    Hi I did everything. It said Pass, but now my phone is frozen on the Samsung Galaxy S8+ startup screen! Please help. Phone us unresponsive.

  40. mv says:

    kinda off topic.will rooting my phone removed the greyed out areas in ##data# and will this root also work for the s8 active

  41. wes says:

    I missed the bixbie volume up and power option it never did any thing or i was too late, and now have the same issue as all those above where my phone is just on the boot screen.

  42. khaled says:

    I have the same issue the phone is frozen on the Samsung Galaxy S8+ screen.please help.

  43. Peter Michael says:

    helpppppppp i did not immediately press bixpy volume up and power after pass screen and now i am stuck on the powred by android screen heeeeeelppppp maxxxx

  44. tony says:

    cannot open the samsung usb driver app got block for protection

  45. jason says:

    does this work for 7.1?

  46. Tapas Chand says:

    My mobile isn’t turning on even, since I tried it, it stuck in Samsung Galaxy S8 powered by anriod. what to do?

  47. Lukas says:

    I have difficI am in situation. I need recover older call logs. Android saves only 500 of them. Only way to get deeper, is to root the android. But with the rooting i will lost all the system data. I have S8. Maybe is here somebody who can help me in this matter?:.

  48. Lukas says:

    I am in situation. I need recover older call logs. Android saves only 500 of them. Only way to get deeper, is to root the android. But with the rooting i will lost all the system data. I have S8. Maybe is here somebody who can help me in this matter?:.

  49. Nokia 7.1 Specs says:

    Sucks $600, I will never be able to buy one of these.

  50. LUIZ says:


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