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Note 8 ROM for Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus! [Note 8 Conversion]

If you wanted to get new Note 8 software features on your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, you can grab the Note 8 Experience ROM by XDA user DJRaz.  This is a 100% ported ROM from a real Note 8, meaning all new Note 8 features will work on your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus so long as it doesn’t require the new second camera.   The biggest change with Note 8 include Live messages and App Paring in multi-window.   Samsung Notes app works flawless, make sure to turn on S-Pen in Settings to make it work with your hands.   Not all S-Pen features  work on this ROM obviously as it is a work in progress.  Smart Select does not work due to no S-Pen and also Translate feature does not work as you cannot select text in the mode.  But GIF animation mode works in Smart Select.